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Are You Looking for a Motivational Speaker? Karen Mertes Gives Speeches on Leadership

Karen is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force, and she is often asked to give presentations on key leadership tips she learned throughout her military career.


As a motivational speaker, Karen speaks on a variety of topics. She provides key leadership tips for success, along with strategic, organizational, and financial insights.

Some examples of speeches she’s given include:

  • “Champion Leadership”
  • “A Give Back Model for Business”
  • “Honoring Our Veterans”

Karen is the founder of Fulfill Your Destiny, and any payments she receives from public speaking are donated directly to her non-profit organization.

To learn more about her motivational speaking, you can visit her website at fulfillyourdestiny.org/ or email karen.mertes@yahoo.com to set up a speaking engagement.

If you’re interested in owning her Amazon best seller “Plaintiff 101,” you can click here to order your copy today.


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Former Lieutenant Colonel Karen Mertes Interviewed with Fox 13 News

After serving in the Air Force for 20 years, a near-death experience in 2007 forced Karen Mertes to change her life.

She was hit by a drunk driver going over 100 mph and cracked her skull in two places. During her recovery process, she realized the importance of helping others.

“Out of pain comes our passion and we find our purpose,” she said.

Today she runs the grassroots organization Fulfill Your Destiny, which awards $1,000 grants to people who are going through a crisis.


“I look for people who have survived—whether it be a job layoff and then became an entrepreneur, or an injury, or some sort or illness.”

Now a motivational speaker, Karen has also written a book called “Plaintiff 101” to help raise money for her charity. The book provides answers for people pursuing personal injury lawsuits and gives inside information to help them save time and money.

“By choosing to be better, and not bitter, I’m able to reach and inspire a lot of people.”

For those who are interested in owning Amazon’s Best Seller “Plaintiff 101” as a valuable resource:

Click here to order your copy today.


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Karen Mertes Awarded the Spirit of Philanthropy Award | Learn about her Mission & How You Can Get Involved

Throwback to when The Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals honored Karen Mertes with the 2014 Spirit of Philanthropy award presented during their annual National Philanthropy Day luncheon at the A La Carte Pavilion.  The Spirit of Philanthropy award is “presented to an individual, group or family that has recognized a charitable need and developed a unique approach to advancing philanthropy in the community.  The award recipient exemplifies the spirit of giving above and beyond.”

Sharing from the National Philanthropy Day program, “National Philanthropy Day, officially celebrated on November 15, is the special day set aside to recognize and pay tribute to the great contributions that philanthropy – and those people active in the philanthropic community – have made in our lives, our communities and the world.”

To read the entire write-up click here.

To lend a helping hand in the 2019 Spring Chari-Tea Event, please e-mail karen.mertes@yahoo.com or karen@fulfillyourdestiny.org.
For more about Fulfill Your Destiny’s Mission, click here!

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How Plaintiff 101 Can Help You Become a Top Law Student

If you know someone who is heading into law school, or you are on your way in this coming fall, PLAINTIFF 101 is an asset for law students. It’s an easy read that can enhance their studies and, ultimately, make them better lawyers!

You won’t find the information contained in “Plaintiff 101” in law schools, yet it offers valuable insight that’s critical to their success! This information is shared by a lawyer with a distinguished career, who has been part of trial teams with numerous million dollar verdicts and settlements, combined with the efforts of a plaintiff who was successful in her litigation.

PLAINTIFF 101 can also be conveniently gifted as a commemorative item for fall graduates. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to contribute to your loved one’s success by supplying them with a great learning supplement!

Young marketers having a brainstorming


For those who are interested in owning Amazon’s Best Seller, “Plaintiff 101” as a valuable resource:

Click here to >>ORDER<< your copy TODAY!

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Curious to See How Fulfill Your Destiny has Helped those in Need? Check Out a Few Recipients of the Business Builder Grants!

Over the years through partnerships with local businesses and Fulfill Your Destiny initiatives, the charity has been able to grants to individuals that have overcome obstacles and are looking to grow their business. Here are just a few of these inspiring winners of Fulfill Your Destiny’s Business Builder Grant:

Fulfill Your Destiny Awards $1,000 Business Builder Grant to Clemmie Perry, Women of Color Golf, sponsored by Independent Financial Services.


Clemmie Perry, founder of Women of Color Golf, was awarded one of Fulfill Your Destiny’s signature Business Builder Grants at its 5th Annual Spring Chari-Tea. “Just as the business was growing, I ended up losing about 50 percent of my hearing.” ~ Clemmie Perry, Women of Color Golf.  Read More

Fulfill Your Destiny Awards $1,000 Business Builder Grant to Wise Women Fitness

AMB sponsored FYD BBG at STCOC Annual Awards Dinner Feb 8, 2018At the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce 2018 Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner, Fulfill Your Destiny awarded one of its signature Business Builder Grants.  Maureen Gallagher, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of American Momentum Bank, one of Fulfill Your Destiny’s Star Sponsors and featured sponsor of this evening’s grant, joined in the presentation and awarding of this grant to a recipient that didn’t know in advance that she would be receiving one of Fulfill Your Destiny’s Business Builder Grants.  This made for a very exciting evening!  Read More

Two Veterans and Owners of Evado Cattle Company Receive a $1,000 ‘Business Builder Grant’ from Fulfill Your Destiny

builder grant 2Dan and Ericka Watson, both Veterans of our US Coast Guard and now owners of Evado Cattle Company, were awarded a $1,000 ‘Business Builder Grant’ at HCC’s 5th Annual Veterans Entrepreneurship Training Symposium.  Thank you to Pilot Bank, one of Fulfill Your Destiny’s ‘Star Sponsors’, for generously sponsoring this grant that was presented at the November symposium. Read More


For more information and see Who We’ve Helped, click here!

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Look At What Donors Are Saying about Fulfill Your Destiny’s Annual Spring Chari-Tea Event!

Recently, Karen Mertes received these kind words from an individual that provided a product donation for Fulfill Your Destiny’s 2019 Spring Chari-Tea on Mar 30, 2019.
“I really appreciated speaking with you, and learning about your inspired Chari-Tea event.  What a beautiful mission, created through your life experiences.  I am very inspired by what you have brought forth…for the highest good——of All!  May your mission inspire and benefit others—always!”
To lend a helping hand in the 2019 Spring Chari-Tea Event, please e-mail karen.mertes@yahoo.com or karen@fulfillyourdestiny.org.

For more about Fulfill Your Destiny’s Mission, click here!

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Some Kind Words from Those that Have Received Assistance from Fulfill Your Destiny

Fulfill Your Destiny helps people whose careers have been altered by injury or other unforeseen circumstances.  Special consideration is given to survivors living with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).


Our Objectives

1) Keep People Working:  To provide financial support to individuals whose careers have been altered due to permanent injuries or unforeseen circumstances, including, but not limited to traumatic brain injuries for the purpose of obtaining vocational counseling, educational or occupational retraining.

2) Inspire and Motivate:  To educate others about those personal challenges facing any of us suffering injuries that permanently changes our lives. How we confront our challenges is the key to the core motto of Fulfill Your Destiny: Character Drives Destiny. We teach people that we are all defined by our character, which compels us to pick up the pieces and carry on when confronted with tremendous obstacles.

3) Build Awareness and Educate:  To offer assistance – educational, financial, volunteer time and/or in-kind services directly to individuals and other non-profit corporations, to increase awareness of traumatic brain injuries and to support those who have experienced TBIs.

Here are some kind words from those who Fulfill Your Destiny has helped —

Lightning Community Hero Honoree shares grant with her five charities of choice (listed alphabetically):  Bay Area Legal Services, Dress for Success, Fulfill Your Destiny, Hands Across the Bay and Mothers Against Drunk Driving

“Your generous $10,000 gift to Bay Area Legal Services is making a difference in the lives of domestic violence victims.  We send our heartfelt appreciation and continued success with Fulfill Your Destiny.”

                                                                                                ~ Warmest Regards from all of us at Bay Area Legal Services


“Special thanks to our AMAZING Board Member, Karen Mertes, who was honored as a Community Hero by the Lightning and named Hands Across the Bay as one of the grant recipients!! THANK YOU AGAIN Karen – we will be able to help SO many Tampa Bay Residents with this funding!”

~ Hands Across the Bay

Fulfill Your Destiny Joins Community in Supporting Michael Nicholson Road to Recovery Fund

Fulfill Your Destiny made a donation to the Michael Nicholson Road to Recovery fund.  Corporal Michael Nicholson, USMC, is a native son of Tampa.  He enlisted in our Marine Corps in June of 2008 and was later deployed to Afghanistan in April of 2011.  Corporal Nicholson was on a combat foot patrol in Afghanistan on July 6, 2011 when his unit was attacked and a remotely detonated IED was triggered.  Mike sustained several severe injuries including the loss of both legs, his left arm and a traumatic brain injury.


“Our family would like to thank you for your generous contribution to Michael’s Road to Recovery Fund.  He has a long journey ahead of him and your gift will be a tremendous help along the way.  Words alone cannot express our appreciation and gratitude. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.”

~ Sincerely, John & Mary N.

Should you have any questions and wish to contact us, please e-mail karen.mertes@yahoo.com or
karen@fulfillyourdestiny.org or feel free to complete the form below.

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