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7 Tips to Maximize Your Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

Once you file a personal injury claim, it’s important to maximize your potential compensation. This compensation will be an essential part of making a full recovery. Here are 7 tips to help you maximize your compensation in a personal injury case.

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1. Preserve evidence

  • Take photos of the accident scene and your immediate injuries.
  • Collect the names and contact information of the witnesses.
  • If there’s a police report, get a copy as soon as possible.

2. Seek medical treatment

  • Make sure that doctors and other health care professionals are documenting your injuries and making treatment plans. This documentation can encourage the defense to offer a higher settlement.
  • If your doctor recommends a treatment plan, carefully follow it—even if you’re unsure about the extent of your injuries.
  • Seek any necessary therapy and treatment for things like flashbacks and post-traumatic stress.

3. Be patient

  • To receive maximum compensation in your case, you have to let the defense believe that you’re willing to go to trial.
  • Sometimes, you’ll need to reject the first, second, or even third settlement offer.

4. Remember future damages

  • Consider your future recovery and include future damages in your claim.
  • In some cases, future damages might even comprise the majority of your losses.

5. Build a strong case

  • If the defense knows you’ve prepared a strong case for trial, they’ll be more inclined to pay you an adequate amount.
  • The defense might feel pressured into offering you a fairer settlement.

6. File ASAP

  • After an injury occurs, you have to file your case within a certain timeframe. If the statute of limitations expires, you may not be able to recover any compensation at all.
  • Filing your case lets you begin formally gathering evidence.

7. Avoid social media

  • If you’re claiming devastating injuries, but your social media page tells a different story, it can ruin your case.
  • Don’t talk about any aspect of your injury case with anyone, or anywhere, until a settlement is reached.

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3 Reasons Why Karen Mertes Wrote “Plaintiff 101”

After being the plaintiff in a personal injury case, Karen Mertes set out to write a book filled with all of the inside information she’d learned during the litigation process. She had 3 main reasons for writing Plaintiff 101.

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1. It helped the author.

Writing was cathartic for Karen. It allowed her to work through all of the anger and frustration that she experienced as a result of her injury and subsequent litigation.

2. It helped other victims.

Karen wanted to help victims who were considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, and she also wanted to warn them about the critical errors that might harm their cases later on.

3. It helped the victims’ lawyers.

With Karen’s tips and advice, personal injury victims could now be prepared during the litigation process and avoid common mistakes. Ultimately, this could save time and allow the lawyers to build stronger cases.

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4 Myths About Personal Injury Cases

Due to the various myths surrounding personal injury cases, some people are quickly discouraged from filing a personal injury claim after an injury. Here are some of the most common myths people come across.

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1. Personal injury cases are long, drawn-out affairs.

Most personal injury cases are settled within weeks or months. Only a small percentage of them ever even make it to the courtroom.

2. The party at fault will pay out-of-pocket.

In most cases, the other party’s insurance company pays any settlement you’re awarded.

3. I can file a personal injury claim at any time.

Most states have statutes of limitation that determine the specific period of time you are able to file a claim after an injury.

4. Personal injury lawsuits are frivolous.

The media has created a stigma that the people who file personal injury lawsuits are frivolous. In reality, most people who file personal injury lawsuits are honest people who have been legitimately injured.

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Why Are Most Personal Injury Cases Settled?

There are four key reasons why defendants find settlements preferable to trials.

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1. Controls Risks

The defendant may be concerned about a sympathetic jury awarding the plaintiff a large sum of money. With a settlement, the defendant can control how much compensation is offered to the plaintiff.

2. Less Expensive 

Trials are costly, and they involve expensive expert witnesses and extensive preparation. Settlements are much less expensive by comparison.

3. Quieter

Trials can be accompanied by major publicity, which may have a negative effect on the defendant’s image. Settlements may be preferable to companies that want to keep negative press quiet.

4. Faster

Trials can drag on for months or even years. As long as both parties can reach an agreement, settlements are much faster.


For plaintiffs, there’s one clear reason why a settlement might be preferable.

1. Guaranteed Compensation 

In a trial, there’s a small chance that the plaintiff will lose the case and receive zero compensation. With a settlement, the plaintiff is guaranteed to receive some damages.


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8 Honest Reviews That Will Convince You to Read “Plaintiff 101”

Readers are raving about the #1 Amazon Best Seller “Plaintiff 101.” See why you should read the book that readers are calling a “thorough resource” that is “packed with practical advice.”

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How Is My “Pain and Suffering” Calculated in a Personal Injury Case?

In addition to seeking compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, you can seek compensation for any pain and suffering you experienced as a result of your injury. Pain and suffering encompasses not just physical pain, but also emotional and mental injuries such as grief, worry, fear, insomnia, or even the loss of enjoyment of life.

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There is no universal rule that determines how an insurance company must calculate pain and suffering, but many attorneys have been trained to use one of three methods.

1. Multiplier Method

This method involves multiplying the plaintiff’s actual damages, which include medical bills and lost wages, by a certain number between 1 and 5 (depending on the severity of the injury). For example, if Steve incurred $5,000 in medical bills as a result of a car accident, he might multiply that number by 3. So, he could conclude that $15,000 is a reasonable amount to compensate for his pain and suffering.

2. Per Day Method

With this method, a certain dollar amount is assigned to every day—starting the day of the accident until the plaintiff recovers fully from the injury. For example, let’s say Steve’s pain and suffering is calculated at $100 dollars a day. If he’s injured for 150 days, then his pain and suffering would be calculated at $15,000.

3. Computer Method

Some insurance companies use computer programs to calculate pain and suffering. These programs also include the type of medical treatment that was sought after the injury, and the length of time the plaintiff sought treatment.

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8 Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

When you’re injured as a direct result of someone else’s negligence, you might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries. In the world of personal injury law, there are 8 common types of cases.

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  • Motor Vehicle Accident

These are accidents that involve cars, motorcycles, trucks, or even boats. The driver of the vehicle is the negligent party.

  • Slip & Fall

These occur when someone slips and falls on someone’s property, and the injury could have been avoided if the property owner had maintained their property more carefully.

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

These injuries could stem from car accidents or medical malpractice. Since the risk of permanent physical or mental damage to the victim is higher, the compensation is higher to support long-term medical expenses.

  • Birth Injury

These are some of the most dangerous forms of medical malpractice. The injury could lead to lasting disorders and cause a major financial strain on the family.

  • Fire/Burn Injury

These injuries usually involve lifelong scarring and trauma. Examples include the poor maintenance of proper fire safety equipment/measures, faulty electrical wiring, or even a scalding beverage.

  • Wrongful Death

These cases occur when the negligence of another party results in a fatality. In addition to compensation for medical bills, the victim’s family can receive damages to cover the sudden loss of income, funeral costs, pain and suffering, and the loss of companionship.

  • Construction Injury 

Construction sites are inherently dangerous. Negligent parties could include construction site owners, general contractors, architects, engineers, and manufacturers.

  • Dog Bite

If the victim was not provoking the dog, the victim could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and emotional distress. The negligent party would be the dog owner and possibly his/her homeowner’s insurance company.

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