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Check Out Details for 2019’s Fulfill Your Destiny’s Spring Chari-Tea & Kind Words from This Year’s Event!

The next Fulfill Your Destiny’s Spring Chari-Tea will be held on Mar 30, 2019! 100 career women interested in supporting our greater Tampa Bay community through philanthropy will attend for a celebration of women for charity with tea.  It’s not just tea; its Fulfill Your Destiny’s Spring Chari-Tea!  

Here are some kind words from attendees from this year’s event and founder Karen Mertes:

“Great event – would love to be back next year!” 

“Diane McKelvey invited me in 2017.  I will come back and donate as generously as I can as long as you host this amazing event.  Thank you for what you do and the example you are!”  

“Karen – You are a God send!  Thank you for all you do!  Please put us down as a sponsor next year!”

“Love all you do!” 

“Karen, I would love to be a sponsor next year!  Please remind me next year!  As always, it has been a pleasure to attend and support Fulfill Your Destiny!” 

To lend a helping hand in the 2019 Spring Chari-Tea Event, please e-mail karen.mertes@yahoo.com or karen@fulfillyourdestiny.org.

For more about Fulfill Your Destiny’s Mission, click here!

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Look At What Donors Are Saying about Fulfill Your Destiny’s Annual Spring Chari-Tea Event!

Recently, Karen Mertes received these kind words from an individual that provided a product donation for Fulfill Your Destiny’s 2019 Spring Chari-Tea on Mar 30, 2019.
“I really appreciated speaking with you, and learning about your inspired Chari-Tea event.  What a beautiful mission, created through your life experiences.  I am very inspired by what you have brought forth…for the highest good——of All!  May your mission inspire and benefit others—always!”
To lend a helping hand in the 2019 Spring Chari-Tea Event, please e-mail karen.mertes@yahoo.com or karen@fulfillyourdestiny.org.

For more about Fulfill Your Destiny’s Mission, click here!

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More Fun Photos from the 2018 Fulfill Your Destiny’s Spring Chari-Tea Event Presented by Williams Consulting Group

Photos courtesy of MamaRazzi Foto, documenting the exciting annual event of Fulfill Your Destiny’s Spring Chari-Tea event! We brought women together, with show-stopping hats to celebrate those who have been making an impact in the community and awarded some inspirational women.



Returning again to the beautiful Empress Tea Room, a locally owned and operated elegant Tea Room and Event Dining venue. We’re delighted to share that our 5th Annual signature event, Fulfill Your Destiny’s 2018 Spring Chari-Tea was presented by Williams Consulting Group as our Title Teapot Sponsor.


Fulfill Your Destiny and Wheels of Success have again partnered for a special presentation where able give the keys to a ‘new to her’ vehicle to a local woman at Fulfill Your Destiny’s 2018 Spring Chari-Tea.

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NuStart Community Services, LLC was presented the fourth Fulfill Your Destiny’s Business Builder Grant!

img_3573In January 2017, a fourth Business Builder Grant was presented to Mrs. Angela Mickens and NuStart Community Services, LLC.  Her company, NuStart Community Services, LLC was founded in February 2016.  Mrs. Mickens has a social work background spanning ten years across the state of Florida.  She has always had a passion for serving those in the community who would otherwise go without the appropriate resources. Mrs. Mickens wanted to ensure that in these tough economic times, she was making a way to assist those who were in need; in essence being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.


Mrs. Mickens realized she would need more commercial equipment, including a riding lawnmower, to meet the demands. This will be used in the winter months, as it gets dark earlier and a push mower takes so long on each property.  With a riding lawnmower, she would be able to provide this service to more individuals in the community.  NuStart Community Services, LLC received a grant for which she received a riding lawnmower.  As a result of this grant, she’s able to pay it forward to others in need.

Mrs. Mickens shared, “Our new riding lawnmower was delivered today. We’ve already used it and it’s perfect!  It will cut down our work day by half at least!  Now we’re able to help more families.  I can’t tell you the volume of calls we get asking for this service. No one being any more or less qualified to receive the service, but we were simply unable to take on as many families because of where we lacked.  Now we’re able to take on more jobs. So, by us being blessed, we can be a blessing!  A million thank yous wouldn’t be enough!  Thank you again!” ~ Angela Mickens, NuStart Community Services, LLC.


For more information about Business Builder Grants click here!

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Fulfill Your Destiny’s 2016 Spring Chari-Tea presented by C1 Bank

238_ChariTea_3-19-16I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone that attended our signature event, Fulfill Your Destiny’s 2016 Spring Chari-Tea on Saturday, March 19th at the Empress Tea Room. Each March we host our annual Chari-Tea as a way to celebrate Women’s History Month and National Brain Injury Month.

During the event, we host several silent auctions, raffles, hat contests, a free gift for each guest, and at the end, we like to culminate the afternoon with a live auction.

Last but not least, for the second year in a row, we partnered with Wheels of Success to gift a lucky guest keys to a new vehicle! See me pictured above with this year’s winner!

We would like to thank all our sponsors, partners, and attendees for making this event a great success!

Click here to learn more about us and our annual Chari-Tea event!

See What Our 2015 Guests Had to Say!

Wonderful Event!” —Lisa K. Ford, Invent Your Image

What a delightful event, Karen. You are so inspiring. It is an honor to support your work. I will mark my calendar for next year! Look forward to seeing you soon!” —Heather Delafield, Robert H. Delafield, Inc.

Dear Karen, I was truly amazed at how wonderful your organization is and really enjoyed watching you as hostess … you are a wonderful communicator! The tea, scones, etc…were delightfully delicious and I love all of the auction items, but especially the pearl necklace! Thank you!” —Ivory Blackwood, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce

Click here to read our article featured in the Tampa Bay Times.

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