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Become a H.E.R.O.

Fulfill Your Destiny presents H.E.R.O. – ‘Hands Eagerly Reach Out’ Awards to businesses, individuals, and organizations who have been instrumental in providing opportunities for Fulfill Your Destiny to carry out its mission and assist others. When we dare to care, our hands eagerly reach out to help others in need. Imagine how strong every community can become if hands eagerly reach out to help others when and where needed.

Many of these recipients have donated money and/or in-kind services to Fulfill Your Destiny enabling us to better help those individuals and organizations receiving assistance from Fulfill Your Destiny.


Listed here are those businesses, individuals, and organizations that have received Fulfill Your Destiny’s H.E.R.O. Award:


  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Kendra Scott
  • Richter Publishing
  • Home Instead Senior Care
  • Invent Your Image
  • Balanced Accounting and Tax Services
  • Sew Be It
  • Jennie’s Flowers
  • The Empress Tea Room & Event Dining
  • Independent Financial Services
  • Macy’s Westshore
  • Minuteman Press of Town & Country
  • Canvas Zoo
  • Painting With a Twist
  • The Manhattan
  • MamaRazzi Foto
  • Whiskey Joe’s
  • Powell & Espat
  • Charity Chics
  • Doormet
  • The Rolling Pin
  • tcP! sweets
  • Mary Ann Halpin Photography
  • Julie Heidelberg
  • Terri Sullivan
  • Bobbie Williams
  • South Tampa Chamber of Commerce 19th Annual Fall Golf Classic Committee
  • Wheels of Success
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
To learn about opportunities for mutually beneficial strategic alliances or community partnerships with Fulfill Your Destiny, please contact Karen by e-mailing her at karen@fulfillyourdestiny.org or karen.mertes@yahoo.com.

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Tips for Communicating with People with Traumatic Brain Injury

Some people with TBI may have trouble concentrating or organizing their thoughts. If you are in a public area with many distractions, consider moving to a quiet or private location, and try focusing on short-term goals.


  • Be prepared to repeat what you say, orally or in writing. Some people with TBI may have short-term memory deficits.
  • If you are not sure whether the person understands you, offer assistance completing forms or understanding written instructions and provide extra time for decision-making. Wait for the individual to accept the offer of assistance; do not “over-assist” or be patronizing.
  • Be patient, flexible and supportive. Take time to understand the individual, make sure the individual understands you and avoid interrupting the person.


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How to spot a Traumatic Brain Injury

When tragedy strikes, your adrenaline kicks in and you try to diagnose the situation. But what happens when someone you love is hurt but the injury isn’t transparent? Here are some ways to get your loved one the help they need —

 In the presence of other life threatening injuries, which is often the case with motor vehicle accidents, closed head injury can be missed. The focus is on lifesaving measures.


Mild traumatic brain injury may not be diagnosed until the individual begins to have problems in what were once easy tasks or social situations.

A detailed neurological examination is important and will bring out evidence of brain injury.
Brain imaging with CAT scan, MRI, SPECT and PET scan may be useful.
Cognitive evaluation by a Neuropsychologist with formal neuropsychological testing.
Evaluations by physical, occupational and speech therapists help clarify the specific deficits of an individual.

Be very cautious when you come in contact with someone who has just been in an accident. Although your gut reaction may be to pick someone up, wait for EMS. Don’t try to self-diagnose leave that to the professionals so you can get yourself or your loved on the help they need.

For more information check out this website! http://www.traumaticbraininjury.com/symptoms-of-tbi/diagnosis/

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Happy Memorial Day!

memorial 2Wanted to celebrate and honor those who have served and are serving to keep this country safe.

We will never forget the sacrifices those have made for us to keep our freedom.

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Be Aware of These Summer Dangers

Drinking and driving usually occurs on holidays, weekends and evenings – but now that summer is here and we are near beaches, day drinking becomes another danger for those on and off the roads. College students are home for break and tourists begin to flock to the beaches. Day drinking is a common theme among beach goers – here are two serious dangers that you may encounter while day drinking in the sun.

Day drinking puts you at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated

Mixing alcohol with sun exposure will leads to a higher risk of becoming dehydrated which means sunburn, possible disorientation and lower tolerance of alcohol. Make sure when you’re day drinking to drink a glass of water after every alcoholic drink.


Operating a boat while intoxicated could be just as dangerous as drinking and driving

Heavy drinking can interfere with your balance, coordination and overall thought processes. In tragic news stories that involve boat crashes and people falling overboard and drowning, many of them have to do with alcohol consumption.

If you plan on day drinking on the beach, make sure you either have a sober ride home and/or a designated driver for your boat or jet ski. Whether its your vacation or just a day at the beach, alcohol is not to be taken lightly.  Warn your teens, college students and friends about the dangers of mixing alcohol with the sun.


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Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers day 4

Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! Today, and everyday, we are celebrating you!

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“Plaintiff 101” is Now Available in the Tampa Public Library System!

Karen R MertesExciting news – Karen Mertes’ “Plaintiff 101” is now available in the Tampa Public Library System!

This Read Poster was created by the Town ‘N’ Country Library for their Read Local event.

Interested in law and what goes on in the courtroom during a personal injury litigation?! “Plaintiff 101” by Karen Mertes tells the story as her life hung in the balance after a tragic car accident caused by a drunk driver. Despite sustaining a traumatic brain injury, she is the founder and president of Fulfill Your Destiny, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping people whose careers have been altered by injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

For those who are interested in owning Amazon’s Best Seller, “Plaintiff 101” as a valuable resource:

Click here to >>ORDER<< your copy TODAY

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