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Woman Picked Up By Drunk Uber Driver | Know Who is Behind the Wheel

When you call a cab, or request an Uber, you are expecting a designated sober driver to pick you up and safely transport you to your destination. However, what happens if your driver arrives and suddenly you feel unsafe? You notice that they are swerving, seem to be nodding off or even get into a car accident due to intoxication?

driving blurred vision

About a year ago, Buzzfeed interviewed a woman that was picked up by a drunk Uber driver, “[..]the car crossed over a grass median, coming precariously close to the oncoming traffic lane[..].”

“Gallion’s Uber driver was arrested for driving while impaired [..], he had a blood alcohol level of 0.15 — nearly four times the .04 legal limit for commercial drivers.”

Make sure to be aware and on alert for any suspicious behavior. As the driver to pullover and drop you off in the nearest safe location. Text a friend to call the police or call them yourself if you feel unsafe. Although it should be a guarantee that your driver should arrive sober and fulfill their duties, you can never be too careful.

Read the entire article here.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Karen Mertes – Arrive Alive, Don’t Drink and Drive


Drunk driving killed 10,265 people in 2015. During the St. Patrick’s Day holiday alone—it claimed 30 lives. Every year, without fail, roughly one-third of deaths in motor vehicle crashes are due to someone making the selfish and often deadly choice to drink and drive.

Karen wishes you a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t drink and drive.

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Karen Mertes’ Amazing Story, How She Gives Back.. and How You Can Too

Thinking about joining Karen Mertes for the 2018 Fulfill You Destiny Chari-Tea event? Check out this interview to find out her reason WHY —


That Business Show welcomed Karen Mertes, an honorably retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with Fulfill Your Destiny. Karen has an amazing story. She suffered a massive car accident involving a drunk driver. Near death and with a massive brain injury, she vowed to help others if she survived, and that’s how Fulfill Your Destiny was created.

Fulfill Your Destiny is dedicated to helping others in our community become successful, or helping them out in order to give them the tools to live a better and happier life. Whether its helping a young child with school or giving a foster child their own car, Fulfill Your Destiny does some real good for the Tampa Bay community.

More about Karen and Fulfill Your Destiny at http://www.fulfillyourdestiny.org, or email her at karen@fulfillyourdestiny.org!



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NYE Drinking and Driving Statistics – Share with your family & friends before they head out to celebrate!

When it comes to drinking, driving should never be an option. Before you get behind the wheel this NYE after a few drinks think again. It is a commonly known fact that there are more alcohol related car accidents on New Year’s Eve than most other nights. Compared to the average weekend night, the 12-hour window between 6 p.m. on Dec. 31 and 6 a.m. on Jan. 1 tends to have about 71% more crashes where alcohol or drugs are listed as a contributing factor.


  • With an average of 140 deaths (based on statistics from 2002 to 2008), New Year’s Day is the second most deadly day for drivers
  • January 1st is the day of the year with the highest percent of deaths related to alcohol from 2008-12
  • Number of people killed in drunk driving crashes in New Year’s 2013: 140
  • Number expected to be killed this New Year’s: 156

Check out myths on drunk driving debunked here!

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Facebook LIVE has Proven to be Fatal for some Users

In the last few weeks two incidents have happened where drivers that were under the influence, got on Facebook LIVE to showoff to their ‘friends.’ In one of the events, a Florida man was on a mission to mow over beach goers in his car while driving drunk. The man was even drinking during the incident. During the Facebook LIVE stream, you could see police vehicles chasing him as he ran over beach chairs and swerved toward people. Luckily, the suspect was apprehended and no one was harmed.

facebook live

In the second incident, a California woman was driving under the influence, while she was fidgeting with her phone, she runs something over while on Facebook LIVE. The woman jumps out of the car and finds that she had run over her sister, killing her. It is clear that the driver was under the influence because she continues to stream her trying to wake her sister up and saying “I know I’m going to jail, I did it, RIP.” The video is extremely graphic, so if you do come across it, be aware. Check out the article here.


The importance of driving sober cannot be stressed enough. Although the trend of using Facebook LIVE for everyday events seems like a good idea, it DOES NOT make it okay to put yours or the lives of others at risk for ‘likes.’

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How to Enjoy Cinco De Mayo Without a DUI

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 38 percent of traffic fatalities that have occured each year on or around May 5 are alcohol related.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 6.21.11 PMIf you do need to drive – Enjoy drinks slowly and alternate with glasses of water. Stop drinking a few hours before driving, and make sure to eat food to soak up the alcohol in your stomach.

Ride sharing apps are all too common to still be driving home drunk. If you can’t afford a sober ride home, then throw a party at your own place or stay with a friend. Taking the risk of driving drunk isn’t worth your life or another’s.

Be mindful of other drivers. If you are the designated driver for the night, make sure that you are watching out for other drivers on the road. You never know if someone has decided to drive after having one too many and their vision and judgement is impaired.

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Don’t Let Your NYE End Up in a DUI

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-10-03-02-amIt’s scary to think that drivers are more worried about getting a DUI on NYE than endangering another driver or passenger’s life while drinking and driving.

Here are some drinking and driving facts to pass on to your loved ones before they go out for NYE festivities.

More info here!

Don’t be stupid, don’t drink and drive.

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