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Woman Picked Up By Drunk Uber Driver | Know Who is Behind the Wheel

When you call a cab, or request an Uber, you are expecting a designated sober driver to pick you up and safely transport you to your destination. However, what happens if your driver arrives and suddenly you feel unsafe? You notice that they are swerving, seem to be nodding off or even get into a car accident due to intoxication?

driving blurred vision

About a year ago, Buzzfeed interviewed a woman that was picked up by a drunk Uber driver, “[..]the car crossed over a grass median, coming precariously close to the oncoming traffic lane[..].”

“Gallion’s Uber driver was arrested for driving while impaired [..], he had a blood alcohol level of 0.15 — nearly four times the .04 legal limit for commercial drivers.”

Make sure to be aware and on alert for any suspicious behavior. As the driver to pullover and drop you off in the nearest safe location. Text a friend to call the police or call them yourself if you feel unsafe. Although it should be a guarantee that your driver should arrive sober and fulfill their duties, you can never be too careful.

Read the entire article here.

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