Meet Fulfill Your Destiny’s New Booster Group “Destiny’s Angels”

During a recent Chari-Tea fundraiser, Karen Mertes, CEO of Fulfill Your Destiny and author of Plaintiff 101, announced the creation of the first ladies booster group dedicated to furthering Fulfill Your Destiny’s work and mission.

Karen Mertes Plaintiff 101

The group, known as “Destiny’s Angels,” is chaired by Pegge Barrier of 21st Century Financial. Members share their time and talent to help the charity serve deserving community members.

What does it take to be a Destiny’s Angel?

There are no dues for membership and new members are welcome. Members share a common desire to help others in big and small ways and meet monthly at each other’s homes for food and fellowship. At meetings, attendees make new friends, network, and determine which individuals (previously vetted by local charities) that the group will aim to help.

Destiny’s Angels uses its collective imagination, talent, and connections to brainstorm ways to provide help for community members who are experiencing unforeseen challenges and need a second chance. These individuals would otherwise fall through the cracks for traditional social services.

Interested in being an agent of change to help others in your community?  To learn more about Destiny’s Angels, contact membership coordinator Carolyn Eastman at

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