Community Members Accepted Fulfill Your Destiny’s Hero Challenge! Watch the Video.

Karen Mertes, author of “Plaintiff 101,” is also the founder of the non-profit Fulfill Your Destiny. Now through December 30th, Fulfill Your Destiny invites you to take the Hero Challenge!

The saying “Hands Eagerly Reach Out” (HERO) to help others is a founding credo of the charity Fulfill Your Destiny. The organization even gives out H.E.R.O. awards to those who have demonstrated this spirit to support its work.

Join them as they turn this statement into a community-wide challenge.

Watch a heartwarming example below:

Karen Mertes Plaintiff 101

Participants must register for the challenge (link below), and then share their completed act of kindness (anonymously or using a first name if they wish). Kindness Crusaders may team up with work buddies, clients, classmates, family, and friends and are encouraged to include a photo to inspire others on our social media.

All acts of kindness will be noted on our website and social media!

How do I sign up for the Hero Challenge?

Simply register below for the challenge of accomplishing one act of kindness.

Sign up here

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