5 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Your Personal Injury Case

After you are injured in an accident, it’s easy to slip up and make a mistake that damages your personal injury case. Here are 5 big mistakes to avoid.

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1. Fail to get medical care

If you don’t go to the doctor or hospital after your accident, people will think you’re not really injured. In your case, you will need to prove that your injury is a direct result of the accident. If you wait a few days to seek medical care, the defendant will argue that your injury must’ve occurred somewhere else.

2. Fail to collect documentation on the accident/injuries

Take photos, get medical records, and keep track of all of the pain and issues you experience after the accident. This evidence is critical to the success of your case.

3. Provide a statement to an insurance company without your attorney

The insurance company will try to trick you into making a statement that limits your damages and is against your own interests. Just say, “I am uncomfortable giving a statement without representation.”

4. Stop medical treatment early

If you stop receiving treatment against your doctor’s advice, then the defendant will argue that you’re not as injured as you claim. Don’t skip any doctor’s appointments and continuing receiving treatment until you’re discharged.

5. Settle before you reach MMI (maximum medical improvement)

Don’t settle until you know the long-term outcome of your injury. Insurance companies try to get you to settle before you are aware of the full extent of your injuries. It might take you months to feel the brunt of any neck or back injuries, so take the time to receive full treatment before you settle on a dollar amount.

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