4 Small Things on Social Media That Can Harm Your Personal Injury Case

It’s natural to want to share details about your life with your friends and family members. On social media, people tend to share positive details in their posts and interactions. If the defense presents these positive posts in court, the judge may believe that you’re not suffering as much as you claim. Here are 4 little things on social media that could potentially harm your case.

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1. Posting Your Location

Avoid checking in to locations and events that minimize your injuries. This includes amusement parks, water parks, and anything remotely active.

2. Bragging About Achievements

If your claim is that you’re unable to do simple things, then posts about winning at trivia night or playing in beach volleyball tournaments might invalidate your claim.

3. Fake Friend Requests

Insurance companies often create fake profiles with the hope that you will provide them with access to your entire profile. If you aren’t 100% certain about a friend request, don’t accept it while your personal injury claim is ongoing.

4. Posting Photos and Videos

Avoid sharing any photos or videos of you playing sports or being active. Be aware that any photo or video you post could end up being used against you in your personal injury case.

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