13 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring An Attorney

During civil litigation, it is important that you find an attorney suited to your case with a successful track record at trial (even if you do not desire to go to trial).

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When you’re meeting with attorneys, there are some important questions to ask them.

  1. Do you have any areas of specialty?
  2. Do you have any experience regarding my type of injury/damages?
  3. Do you go to trial?
  4. How often do you go to trial?
  5. What are your results at trial?

While conducting your own research, there are also key questions to answer yourself.

  1. How long has the attorney been in business?
  2. Does the attorney’s office reflect the trappings of success?
  3. How much work will the law office be able to put into my case?
  4. How large is the support staff?
  5. What will be the division of labor between attorney and paralegals/legal assistants?
  6. How many files does the attorney have in litigation?
  7. Did the attorney take the time to answer all of my questions?
  8. Is the attorney asking me to advance any costs out of my own pocket? (Red Flag)

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