Plaintiff 101 Wins #1 Best Seller & #1 Hot New Release at 2nd Annual Author Award Ceremony!


We are proud to announce that we WON the #1 Amazon Best Seller & #1 Hot New Release award at Richter Publishing’s 2nd Annual Tampa Bay Author Award Ceremony & Book Gala! This event recognizes published authors from the Tampa Bay area who are making a difference in the community with their books.

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our family and friends for sharing in our happiness and honor last night. We would also like to acknowledge the rest of our supporters for making this achievement possible!

As always, we are grateful for your generous support, and appreciate your enthusiasm for justice!

Who Can Benefit from Plaintiff 101?

PLAINTIFF 101 can serve a variety of uses beneficial to anyone

  • Defense attorneys can settle cases much sooner, saving them both time and money.
  • Plaintiff attorneys can save several hours by providing copies as a teaching tool to all their clients.
  • Chiropractors, massage therapists, and other practitioners now have a resource when their clients say, “I’ve been been in an accident. What do I do now?”

And many more!

For those who are interested in owning Amazon’s Best Seller, “Plaintiff 101” as a valuable resource:

Click here to >>ORDER<< your copy TODAY!


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